Blacksmiths News


Autumn is setting in, with the nights drawing in on us, always a time we enjoy in the forge because it  means the cooler weather is coming!  Floyd has had a couple of days away with the family at the seaside.  The workshop has been keeping busy though with preparations for the Autumn Garden show.  We have made an array of poppy sculptures to show this time and they will be appearing in the garden store too.  We have also developed a new stand at the show so if anybody is interested in having a look we look forward to seeing you there. 



As we move into August I have organised myself to get the newsletter done on time for a change.  It is Alex and Sarah's wedding anniversary this month and usually the big clear up for h.Art, however this year we missed the boat on paying for the event and are unable to take part but anybody that wants to visit you are most welcome.  The good news is that it gives us an opportunity to finish a few more projects!



I really am struggling at the moment to keep up with everything!  In the blink of an eye three months have passed, i have got a baby who all of a sudden seems to be more of a toddler, stacks of work coming in, being done and going again and i am not sure where the time has gone.  Anyway i can fill you in a bit now on what has been going on!

May - We did the RHS Spring Garden show at Malvern again.  It appeared to be as busy as ever but we noticed that there were fewer people willing to part with their money!  A sign of the times we are told.  It was however a good month all in all with plenty of jobs coming in left right and centre.  We also managed to sneak in a two day break which was welcomed by all of us! 

June - The start of the summer, everybody wanting plant supports, arches... and all of the other usual hardware.  Everbody seems to have plenty of enthusiasm for gardening, modifications to the house etc. and with the weather being glorious as well it didn't do us any harm at all, apart from the occasional overheating!  We were also invited to take part in the Plant Finders Fair at Cottesbrooke Hall, Northampton but it was a last minute invite and we were a little stuck for time, but we hope to take part next year.

July - Another lovely month weather wise.  We have been focussing on trying to get orders done in time so everthing has been extremely manic...  July seemed to be; blink and we missed it!


Its been almost 12 months since Floyd and Sadie became parents for the first time... how time flies! Esmé will be 1 on the 17th so a very Happy birthday to her.  We are busy building a giant pear arch which will eventually make its way to Windsor.  It will hopefully appear in the garden furnishing page on the website.  

We are also in the middle of turning our other workshop into a supplies shop, selling metal working equipment and consumables, along side our day to day products - so when we find five minutes we hope to load all of our consumables and equipment up into a supplies store on this site! 


Yet again very late with the news letter... apologies to all that read it! March seemed to come and go in a flash.  Spring well and truly started with all the flowers starting to appear and finally after such a hard winter the leaves on the trees are re appearing to which seems to make everything feel a little more alive! 

In the workshop we are keeping up with a steady influx of work and beginning to think about the shows and forthcoming exciting times ...


Wow... what happened to February? It seemed to fly by and once again other things have happened before writing the newsletter.  After a very steady start to the year things have picked up again now and with us having a pretty mild February it seems to have got people out and about again. We have had people preparing for spring enquiring about garden supplies already.

Sam has moved back to south Wales and is no longer working for us, but we wish him all the best in his new job.  

In the coming months we have all the usual shows, and in between times Floyd is hoping to do some work on the website and get more items in the store and perhaps more gallery photo's too.   


January 2011

Happy New Year!  Firstly apologies for being late with the first newsletter of 2011... Floyd has been moving house, there has been a birthday already and Alex's birthday is on the 22nd, he will be 50!!

We hope that 2011 will bring us plenty of work and keep us out of mischief.  The VAT rise and the government cutting left right and centre does'nt seem to have affected us too much and we hope it remains that way!  

We look forward to seeing everybody in the coming year.  

the rest of 2011

Despite having a break from Herefordshire Art Week (H art) we still managed a few BBQ's throughout the warm autumn.

We were busy sending poppy sculptures all over the country; from Doncaster to Malmesbury, they sold very well and are hopefully fitting in well to customer's gardens.  See the home page for details and pictures.

Autumn holidays from St Ives to Oban provided the blacksmiths with a well deserved break managing to avoid rain and snow.

November brought a new expereince for friend Jeanette who spent an afternoon in the forge with Alex and was delighted to take home her own made hook.  If you are interested in a new expereince as a blacksmith please get in touch.

As Christmas approached we were faced with the usual last minute expectations of customers who make comittments to themselves or loved ones ... 'can we get it done for Christmas?'   We all do it and there is satisfaction in making that special effort.

With a warm Christmas break we were able to stay away from the forge, avoiding the checking of water pipes for freezing, so another well deserved break for the blacksmiths ...

Happy and prosperous year for 2012 to everyone!